Impact Bread is an ecosystem catalyst
to unlock your potential.
We Empower SDG Talents
Career Development
Shepherd future leaders in Tech+Impact sectors
addressing SDGs
Soga Hour
Answer any questions the talent may have
in different stages along the journey
Impact Bread Fellowship
Unpack the impact of young adventurists with
true passion and real actions
We Nurture Mission-Driven Enterprises
360°hands-on advisory services in
"entrepreneur to help entrepreneur" approach
Impact Measurement
We help you measure and track your impact data in a practical way. Effective impact measurement will help you with business growth, award application, fundraising and beyond.
Business Development
Our impact measurement helps startups in Tech + Impact enhance the competitive strength and unlock the growth potential, thereby facilitating customer acquisition and partnership development.
Talent Seeking
We only provide recruiting services to employers that passed our impact assessment. For startups, we mainly cover energy innovations, circular economy, smart agriculture, BoP empowerment, etc.
With nearly 10 years of insights and experience in impact investing, we aim to bring the ecosystem to the next level with more mission-driven enterprises thriving in the new era of growth.
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